Nightfall – Live Escape Room

2-6  8 60

FR & EN  33 LIVE



Summer 1969. First man on the moon and… first hybrid animal successfully engineered by Dr. Steiner. His revolutionary work made the front page! Obsessed with discovery, he grew bolder with his testing, but soon enough his experiments were deemed unethical and he was shut down. No one has heard from him since.


Lost in the woods, you feel relieved when you stumble upon a cabin. Not everything is as it seems, though: the place is filled with discarded vials and strange laboratory equipment, and the growling, barely perceptible at first, is growing louder with every passing minute.


As the night falls, you realise your only hope for survival is to call for a helicopter… somehow.

Warning: some visual effects can trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy


#stranger-things #tension #monster