Blackout – Live Escape Room

4-8  8 60

FR & EN  33 LIVE


Note: your team will be split in two rooms for a part of the game. Requires two adults at least.


Your mission: For the past 5 years, you, the best biologists in the world, have been searching for the serum that will allow humans to live on the earth’s surface once again from the comfort of your atomic shelter. You are getting closer, you know it. In a couple more weeks, you’ll have the answer!

Suddenly, an alarm rings out loud and long: the blackout of your bunker is imminent. This is your last chance to find the serum before all is lost. You share a look with your colleagues and double your focus. In the depths of this underground world, humanity is living its darkest hours…


Warning: some visual effects can trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy


#cooperation #apocalypse #survival