Dragon’s Prophecy

Dragon’s Prophecy – Live Escape Room

2-6  8 60

FR & EN  33 Real


2 years ago, we visited the Kingdom of Anka in a world where dragons are still present. We have established links with the enchantress Oriana, daughter of King Clodion. Thanks to her magic, she kept in contact with us.

Yesterday, she opened a portal to ask us for help. King Aiden is consumed by a curse: while it has always been wise and happy, since 6 it has become as white as despotic. He ordered the execution of many people, and wars unwarmly with the other tribes. While some are fleeing the region, others are at the brink of the revolt. It will finish in a bloodshed.

We usually do not mix local politics, but we have reason to believe that this phenomenon is linked to forces that affect us.

According to Oriana, the evil comes from Mérové, the King’s twin brother. He has always been a milestone of his brother, and he disappeared at the time when the King’s folia began. The districts of Mérové are in the basement of the château. This is where you will start your research. Oriana contact you a.

Anka’s lights are with you!  

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