Gangs Of Montreal - Part 1 - Escape Party

You just finished the final exams of the Academy to become a detective of the 1920 unit, and you receive your first mission order: a major illegal weapon sell will take place tonight at Ex Cafe. You will only have 60 minutes on site to find a way to prevent the transaction before it takes place. Your 4 partners will help you in this mission, but 20 others will be on the case. You’ll have to conduct an investigation to recover the money and merchandise.

Do not tell anyone, this case is confidential.

What is it?

Gangs Of Montreal is a series of investigative events in which you'll play an undercover detective a luxurious party in 1920s. Actors, puzzles, scenery and swing dance will be part of the evening, but don't get distracted: your mission is crucial. Do not forget your evening dress to facilitate your infiltration.


  • February 29rd - 7pm
  • March 12 - 7pm
  • March 26 - 7pm

I want another date!


Yes! You will be grouped with other people who aren't 5 either.
The party in open to everyone. Teams will be between 4 and 6 people, we will do our best to let you together, but you might be grouped with strangers if you're not 5.
Yes, unleash your imagination! The best would be to dress evening wears of the 20s to ease your infiltration.
The game starts at 7pm and ends at 9pm, but you'll be able to stay there until 11pm.

Will you meet

the challenge?

3841 St Laurent Blvd, H2W 1X9, Montreal
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